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Start a Fundraiser with these simple steps

Book an appointment with your dentist

Use the Udenz App to book a consultation with a registered dentist near you. In this consultation, they will determine the treatment that needs to be done and how much it costs.

Start and share your fundraiser

The dentist can start a fundraiser stating the treatment and cost details. Once it’s live, you may share it with your friends, family, and anywhere online. Support will then start pouring in.

Proceed with the treatment

Once the target fund is achieved, the dentist may proceed with the treatment and once it’s done, the funds will then be released to the dentist and you can enjoy your new smile.

Success Stories

How does Udenz Raise work?
Udenz Raise is a crowdfunding platform that connects patients in need of dental treatments with dentists registered with Udenz who verify the cost of the treatment. Patients can then set up a funding campaign, and anyone can donate to help them receive the treatment they need.
Anyone who needs help paying for dental treatment can start a fundraiser on Udenz Raise.
All patients' campaigns on Udenz Raise are verified by registered dentists who are also registered with Udenz. They will verify the cost of the treatment and its necessity before the campaign is approved for fundraising.
Udenz Raise is committed to transparency. Once a campaign reaches its funding goal, Udenz verifies that the dental treatment has been completed before releasing the funds to the dentist.
Yes, you can donate to any campaign on Udenz Raise. You can browse campaigns by location or type of dental treatment needed.
Yes, you can choose to donate anonymously when you make a donation.